Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Obligatory Intro Post for a New Blog

My other blog, The Home Economist, is my space for sharing my crafty, domestic side. More and more, however, I've been wanting to write about my other passions: free-markets, personal freedom, shrinking government, non-violence and non-aggression, voluntary action, and individual rights. If you want to put a label on it, Libertarianism and Austrian economics.

I wanted a separate blog for these topics so as to not alienate my readers who are mostly just interested in what I've been knitting lately. I don't have any fancy credentials that give me special authority on these topics; I do have my Bachelor's degree in Economics, but more importantly I have a thirst for knowledge and a love of Liberty. That's really the most important thing, because ideas are for everyone, not simply the academic elite. I'm really excited about this new venture!

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